Setting a single track to all the same volume

Hi all, I need some help.

I recently started recording my D&D games using OBS which records audio and video. While reviewing the video I realized that my mic level is incredibly high while the other players are barely audible.

I extracted the audio file from the software using Pazera and brought it into Audacity. I attempted to compress the track using Chris’s dynamic compressor but have had no luck with getting the levels matched.

I started to manually scan the the track for dips in the audio and duplicate the section normalize and the increase the amplification, but it’s a four hour long track and after most of the morning I only got about 7 minutes in.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I’m running version 2.1.2 on Windows 7

I realized that my mic level is incredibly high while the other players are barely audible.

That usually means you’re not really recording the other players. The software is recording your microphone and the other player’s echo cancellation and processing leakage. That’s what special game recording software is supposed to prevent.

That a brings us to what the recorder is doing wrong. You should dig in your software instructions.

If the two volumes are far enough off, it’s a major problem to even them out. As you found, even doing it manually is a major pain.

We tell people to look at FRAPS recording software. It’s designed for use with games and people seem to have good luck with it.


Thanks Koz I’ll check it out.

I’ve had decent luck with OBS, and specifically started using it in the hope of live streaming the game. The recording I’m doing now is more to learn the system.

The audio in source comes from the specific application your running. In my case Google Hangouts acts as my audio source, it captures all 5 players and myself.

The last recording I did was great except for me forgetting recording basics 101 and monitoring from speakers it created a nice feedback loop.

Anyway, it looks like I’m gonna be doing this manually :frowning:


Anyone operating a live microphone should be on headphones.


Oh definitely. I used to do sound for a post production company when I was 19, I’ve just been away from it so long that it slipped my mind which is shameful.

BTW I’m 20 minutes into ctrl+d all the sections of low volume.