Set up

I am an admitted tech dumbbell, a senior who needs to be taken by the hand and walked thru all tech related issues in this ‘be tech savvy world or die’ :neutral_face: Is there anyone willing to take my hand and instruct me in the simplest manner in which to set up voice recording from a mic to Audacity?

We can probably handle that. You should tell us everything about your system. Which Windows? What kind of microphone? Laptop? It can be really important to describe the job. Recording your voice for your niece in Schenectady is very different from recording your adventures for a published audiobook.

This is a little thing I wrote to illustrate the rich information we need.

I know some of the version numbers are out of date. I’ll fix that one of these days. Let me know if you can’t read it.


Thanks for your clever response :sunglasses: Rich question, hummmm. Having difficulty hooking-up a Zoom H1 Hand Recorder with USB connection to a Mac that has a Windows 7 Ultimate overlay to the Audacity 2.0.3 software. Help :unamused:

Audacity 2.0.3 is outdated now. You can get the current 2.0.5 here .

Please use some words to describe the exact difficulty. Do you mean you are using Boot Camp to boot your Mac into Windows 7? Why do you need to do that? Audacity has a version for Mac.

Also, have a look at “Detecting USB and Firewire Devices” in the green box here .


My mistake. I do have the 2.0.5 version installed. The problem is I haven’t been able to connect a Zoom H1 Handy Recorder into the Audacity program, let alone know how to listen to playback, or edit or modify or transmit something when that is solved. Since Windows is by far the preferred business program, the Mac I have has Windows 7 Ultimate - there’s never a problem about about Mac/Windows operating together.

I think I must be missing something very basic/simple - this can’t be that hard to do this :neutral_face:

Did you read ? We can’t see your computer so you will have tell us what the problem exactly is after going through those steps in the green “Detecting USB and Firewire Devices” box.

You are aware that if Windows does not see the Zoom then Audacity cannot see it, right?

You are aware that you have to launch Audacity after connecting Zoom and having Windows recognise it?

You are aware that you have to select Zoom as an input and/or output device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar ?

You can have the Mac boot into a choice of OS X or Windows (not both at once). Or you can run Windows in a virtual machine like Parallels while Mac is running at the same time. Is that what you are doing, if so what is the name of the virtualisation software? You may have to enable USB devices in virtualisation software before you can use those devices.