I updated to 2.0.3 yesterday. I had everything working smoothly until I tried experimenting with an older analog microphone, which I thought might work. It didn’t. In addition, after exploring the different settings, I lost the combination that was working in the first place. Now, all I get is a solid blue line with no input sound indicated.
I am running Windows XP and a USB Crosley turntable

I have it set for MME and the bottom is set for 44100

I do not have the “Speakers and headphones” option for the output. I have:
Microsoft mapper output
Soundmax digital audio
Modem #0 line playback

For the input I have:
Microsoft sound mapper input
SoundMax digital audio CD player
Microsoft digital audio microphone
" " " line in
" " " phone
" " " mono out
" " " wave out mix
Modem 3) line record

I do have the transport set to “software playthrough” on

PLEASE help me get back on track.
Thank you

Please don’t jump on someone else’s year old topic. Your post may not even be seen, because the topic seems to be “answered”. I started a new topic for you.

The current version is 2.0.5 - .

Set it to “Soundmax digital audio”.

Audacity isn’t seeing the turntable. It should be listed as “USB Audio CODEC” or similar.

Switch on the turntable and connect it tightly to the computer using the USB cable.

Restart Audacity and select the USB Audio CODEC or similar for input. Do not change the output device - leave it at Soundmax.


OK. Sorry about the “jumping.” I am rather in a hurry to enable all this so I can upgrade my record listings online to sell them.

Thank you. Audacity now works ( I had to download an updated version of LAME)
However, now my Windows Media Player does not have any sound. I checked the sound devices and it indicates that they are enabled and working properly. The mp3 I saved plays great on audacity, but will not play on the WMP, neither will any other mp3 or CD.

The Audacity settings are:
Windows direct sound (the MME setting provided no sound for Audacity )
USB Audio Codec
2 (stereo) input channels)

I have “software playthrough” on

In addition: there is a slight delay in the sound coming from the Crosley turntable and the Audacity program.

Thank you

Yes…2.0.5, my bad.

As an addendum to my most recent response, I uploaded an mp3 to an online site that keeps music and videos so you can embed or share them. When I played it on that site, I could not hear the audio from there either.

Somehow, now, the only audio I CAN hear is from Audacity, apparently.

Thank you

Windows wrongly thinks the USB turntable is meant for playing computer audio, so made it the default computer playback device.

Either unplug the USB turntable from the computer, or set SoundMax as the default computer playback device in Windows “Sounds and Audio Devices”. See: Why have I lost sound after connecting a USB device on Windows? .

The “Software Playthrough” causes the delay as the computer sends the audio from the input to the playback device. There is nothing you can do about it unless you use any speakers that come connected to the turntable to listen.