Set up and configuration of Audacity in preference

I have a Mac Powerbook G4 with OS X 10.5.8 and have installed Audacity 2.0.5 but I have a manual for 1.2.6. version. I am having trouble trying to configure the set up because the vocabulary and versions are different. In devices or Audio I/O the old manual says to select in device: Built-in- Output but in the 2.0.5 version it says “Built-In Audio” or UAC3556B. Which one do I choose. In Recording the old manual says to choose USB Audio CODEC (never found that even in the older version). I have as choices the following: Built-in Audio: Internal microphone, Built-In Audio: internal line in, UAC3556B: microphone, and UAC3556: External line connector. Which do I choose. Also, is UAC3556B the same as the USB Audio CODEC? I need some advice on what I should select on the controls to make this work. Last night I tried recording and couldn’t get any sound. Thank you to who ever responds.

2.0.5 has a very good on-line manual.

What do your connections actually look like and are you using any USB equipment or connections?

This is my Stereo Line-In and Stereo Line-Out.

I had a PowerBook G4. Terrific machine. I sold it to someone in the company and I think they’re still using it.

You should understand that the older and slower machines may have troubles with advanced jobs like overdubbing and self-recording.


Hi Kozikowski,
Thanks for your reply. I have looked in the on-line manual. It talks about Preference, the mac, and devices. The example it shows is for a PC, not very helpful. I’m trying to connect to a Crosley Memory Master in order to convert LPs, cassettes, and MP3’s into CDs and to import them to my computers as well. I am using the USB cable provided with the Memory Master and connecting it to the back of the device and into my computer.

The following is what connections look like and the device preference page:

The principle is exactly the same, open Device Toolbar and set the output device (second box) to the speakers you are listening to, so “Built-In Audio” in your case.

You set the third (input) box to the input you are using to connect the Crosley to your computer. If you are using the USB cable then you should choose the appropriate input. We don’t make the turntable so we cannot tell you which of “UAC3556B: microphone” and “UAC3556: External line connector” to choose. It is abnormal to offer a choice of two USB inputs from one USB cable. Have you tried either of those inputs? The microphone choice would make more sense to me.

If CR 2413 is what you have, then according to its Manual ( ) you could record by running a cable from the line-out of the turntable to line-in of the Mac, or by connecting the USB cable. If you have chosen to record using the USB cable, try the suggestion in the Manual to look at the README in the Software CD. If you are still not sure, please ask here and let us know what they say.