Set Audacity as default player

How do you set Audacity as the default player in Windows 10? Thanks.

My advice would be, “don’t”.
Audacity is designed for recording and editing - there are much better audio players (such as foobar2000)

If you prefer to ignore this advice, see here for how to do it:

Yeah… There are advantages to audio/media player software. You can play/sort/search by artist, album, song, genre, year, etc. You can make playlists. You can display the album artwork. Some support ReplayGain (for matching the loudness of different songs). And, you won’t accidently hit “Record” or any of that stuff you probably don’t want to do. And… probably more that I forgot…

You should already have Windows Media Player. With Windows 10 you also get Groove Music. I use Winamp but it’s getting old and not really supported/developed anymore.

For me, when I click on a music file, I usually am wanting to study it or edit it. I wonder if cceducator is in a similar situation. :laughing:

I’ve only looked briefly at that, but I thought it looked horrible. Of course that’s only my opinion :wink:

Right click audio file > Open with > Choose another app and check the box