Server execution failed

Server execution failed

Since I started using Audacity 2.1.1 which I obtained the .exe installer on a Windows 7 desktop I am getting this error occurring when I attempt to play songs using Windows Media Player. If I persist and keep clicking the file eventually the track plays. This is situation is intermittent. It does not occur all of the time. It seems to happen especially on newly created tracks from Audacity but I am not yet certain of that. Still investigating, it has occurred on songs downloaded from CDs also. It seems to go away after time sometimes after rebooting the computer. All in all it is just frustrating, not a real problem to my knowledge. I am wondering if it is something I should be concerned with and pursue or just ignore and live with it?

I think that is most likely a coincidence.

The error message is a Windows Media Player error that occurs when Media Player cannot read its library. Where are your audio files stored?

All of my music files are stored in files in a personal folder on the hard drive. Quite a few of them are then copied to my iTunes.

Is it the ones copied to iTunes that trigger the problem?

Also, you may find a solution here: Windows 7 Media Player - Server execution failed - Microsoft Community. You may have to go through and try everything.

It’s unlikely to be an Audacity issue - it just doesn’t make the sort of system changes that could cause this.