I’m trying to use audacity to record a podcast that I’ve recorded on Garageband for 268 episodes. The problem is that I can’t get it to work correctly.

I’m using version 2.3.2 of Audacity on a 27” iMac running Sierra 10.12.6

My equipment consists of the Mac, a Behringer U-PHORIA UMC404HD, a Shure dynamic low impedance microphone and a pair of headphones. The Behringer is connected to my Mac via USB. The headphones and the microphone are connected to the Behringer. Mya udio input and output settings are set to the U-PHORIA UMC404HD.

What I’m trying to do is record over my intro music, but when I try I hear myself double. I hear what I’m actually saying mixed with the recording of what I’m saying, all with about a half second delay.

I tried turning on the overdub and the software play through but nothing will make the delay go away.

The problem is that that kind of delay is confusing. After a few words I can’t even hear myself think.

This can’t be normal. If it were people couldn’t record one instrument and then overdub several others.

Am I doing something wrong?

Can anybody help?

Please see this tutorial in the Audacity manual.
– Bill