Hey everyone, Ive been having a bit of a problem and was wondering if someone can help me out.

I recently purchased serato and downloaded audacity, I was told audacity can be used to record mixes from serato. So, using a “Y” audio cable, i connected the master out on my mixer to the “line in” on my desktop, while the seato runs on my laptop. This is the part where I get stumped. I have no clue how to go about to actually record now. Ive messed around with the audio settings on my PC and in audacity, but nothing seems to be working out for me, Any help on this would be extremely appreciated. Thanks


Have a look at the “Setting up Audacity” section on this page:

One of the most common stumbling blocks that people have is setting up their (Windows?) Mixer application, so you mat also want to look at this page:

If you use Vista on your Desktop machine, there are some additional notes for Vista here: