Separation of layers

I just got you program a couple of days ago. I love it. Even for a noob it is rather simple.

I have looked in YouTube for a tutorial for what i need, but not sure what to call it, so, no luck.

I have an audio of a storm (rain and thunder) and I would like to separate the thunder from the rain for future use. This will also assist in future ideas. Its all about the “How to…”.

In general, you can’t split a mixed performance into individual “instruments.” In this case, you can get close because the two “instruments” are so far apart in “voicing,” to abuse a lot of musical terms.

Import the “music” track and Effect > Low Pass Filter: 12dB, 100Hz > OK
That should give you the thunder rumble which you will only hear on good quality headphones or a good sound system.


Edit > UNDO.
To get back to the original sound file.

Effect > High Pass Filter: 12dB, 100Hz > OK.
This should give you the hiss of the rain in the trees.


You will probably never completely split one from the other. Mess with the 100Hz number for different split points. You may decide that 100Hz is good for thunder, but a higher number like 250Hz is good for rain.


Thank you for your response.

re: abuse

I do understand these basic terms.

As I said in the original post, I just got the program and have been playing with it, but SO MUCH to learn. Thank God for the folks that post “How to’s”.

I believe that I understand what your post suggested, in theory, now I have to figure out how to make it happen. “Words” don’t always translate as well as the videos do… I get to see where the “buttons” are to go where the "thing’ is that I am looking for, but I think I got it. I believe the freq ranges are what I would have never known, or could have guessed.


And I know this for some very tangential reasons. 100Hz is the manufactured filter you add to a live news-gathering microphone to get rid of rumble. See: Thunder.