separating tracks once they have been merged, an saved

Hello my name is T. I have completed a voice track., merged a sound bite (watermark) together, then saved entire track as a individual mp3 file. My question is this! Once I have this filed saved as an mp3., is there a way to go back into the file later and separate the tracks. for instance removing the watermark track, so i can re-save a file as two or more separate tracks. Thank you for your help. I have not been able to do so. just hoping!!! :smiley:

If you save and then re-open your Audacity project you will find the two tracks still separate. You can then mute the watermark track and export again.

– Bill

If you no longer have the audacity project and you only have the mp3, then the answer is no… It’s like uncooking a cake after you take it from the oven and obtaining the initial ingredients… no can do…

If you are concerned that a watermark sound you have added to a stereo track can be removed by the destructive interference method, make the watermark slightly different on each channel so they won’t cancel out when one track is inverted. For example add plenty of stereo reverb with crossover to the watermark sound e.g. use Freeverb, (but not Gverb).

This will ensure that the watermark can’t be removed by the inversion method as the watermark sounds on the left and right channels will then be different because of the reverb effect and won’t cancel out when one track is inverted.

Use a watermark sound with a broad range of frequencies, e.g. “Shhh” , so it can’t be notched out or removed by some other spectral subtraction method.