Separating songs before burning to CD

Using Audacity 2.1.0 with W10
I record from vinyl 33, split and label tracks, export multiple in Wav, then burn to CD as one wav file. When I play cd on car player, cannot jump to next tune.

export multiple in Wav,

So far, so good. That should have given you a pile of individually labeled WAV files. It’s not fancy, something like 1, 2, 3. I’d be surprised if it let you individually label each track. Drag each one of those files into the Audio CD Authoring Program of your choice. Both Macs and Windows have native programs which will do this.

You can tell you have the right program because it will ask you what you want the gap between songs to be. Generally, if it doesn’t ask you that, you’re not creating an Audio CD.

The CD Authoring Program is the first place that will allow you to arrange the songs in any order. Click and drag. Until now, you were forced to use Computer Order A > Z, 1 > 9.

What are you using to burn the CD?


This is what the dialog in the Mac looks like.

Audio CD? Gap Between Songs??


Thanks for the reply. It was helpful.
I have been using Windows Media Player to burn. It doesn’t give me any gap options. The CDs I have been burning this way will play back but without gaps to allow skipping through tracks.
I tried the method suggested, i.e. breaking into individual files, then combining them when I burn with W Media Player. Works fine, but labels are not included. I suspect that this could be done, but will save that for another time.
Thanks again for the help with this issue. Now if only I could improve the sound quality of the [produced CDds, as per a previous post.

I tried the method suggested, i.e. breaking into individual files,

Right there it’s something wrong.

You’re supposed to go through the vinyl capture track and place labels at each song start. When you File > Export Multiple, Audacity will break up one long track into individual songs for you at the label points. This isn’t something optional you do later.

It doesn’t give me any gap options.

That’s rough to believe. They have to give you that option if you want to burn an opera or concert which have movements (songs) but no breaks. If you do nothing, most authoring and burning programs pick 2 seconds between songs. That probably means you’re using the program wrong.

This is where a Windows person leaps in and explains what you’re doing wrong. As in that panel I posted, burner programs have a bunch of options depending on what kind of CD you want.