Separating music from sound effects, vice versa

Separate music from sound effects? vice versa
I’ve seen millions of youtubers make parodies by taking music from one video, dvd, game, etc., then add sound effects from another video, dvd, game, etc. Right now it seems like magic to me. I even searched up how to separate music from sound effects or separate sound effects from music. No luck. Please tell me the secret of those youtubers of how they split/separate music from sound effects, vice versa.


Games often have sound effects and music as separate files, or separate regions of data within a file. Game designers often make it deliberately difficult to extract the sounds from a game so as to prevent piracy (copyright infringement) but if you search Google you will probably find software available for extracting sounds and music from games disks. Once you have the separate sounds (preferably in WAV format) you can import them into Audacity and mix/arrange them as you wish.

I have searched for hours for a tool that can rip game music and sounds, but could not find any that work. Is there an efficient way to decrease and increase the volume of either the music or sound effects to make the original music/sound effects go away?

In most cases, once sounds have been mixed together, unmixing them is like trying to unscramble an egg, however there are a few special cases where it can work, as described in this article:

I tried a quick search for: game sound effect extractor
Google came up with about a million hits in 0.23 seconds.

After trying 5 programs, one of them worked, but the result was absolutely horrendous. I could barely recognize the game music/sound effects from the original game. Ripping from games doesn’t work, so I might need some vocal removal/sound effect removal/music removal methods. I noticed on youtube, people raised the volume of the sound effect/music they want to hide the other sound effect. However, there were a few people who did not do that, but completely drowned out the original sound effect and added their own sound effect at the same volume. How is that possible? Thanks for the help by the way.

Pick your game/soundtrack carefully.
Check to see if the soundtrack has been released as an audio CD (Amazon).
Check out Games Mod forums and see if anyone has a recipe that works for a game that you own.
Learn about audio formats and digital audio extraction.
Look carefully at the files on the game disk and see if you can identify music/sound effect files.
Try “KnockOut” and other programs suggested in the link that I posted - they will sound horrible on most audio samples but on one or two carefully chosen samples they will work really well.
Keep going until you find one that works - make a video, post it on YouTube and tell every one that it was easy (but don’t say how you did it).
There is no magic formula - most times it fails.