separating an audiobook by each sentence

Hello forum!

First post - long time fan of audacity, but newbie when it comes to using it. I have audiobooks that I’d love to separate at the sentence level. For instance, if chapter 1 of the audiobook has 120 sentences, I’d love to have 120 mp3 files (one for each sentence).

I’m wondering what the easiest / quickest way to do this would be? If a few of the files contain 2 sentences merged together, that’s OK. It doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect.

Any help would be immensely appreciated!!

Thank you so much.

You could try the “Silence Finder” plug-in ( to try and detect the gaps between the words. Usually gaps between sentences are a bit longer than gaps between words, so with some careful tweaking you may be able to get reasonable results.

Thank you!

Once I find the silences, how can I export the file so that each sentence is saved as a separate file (preferably “1” then “2” then “3” and so on)?

With “Export Multiple” based on labels: