Separating 2 vocals

I’m trying to make a podcast, I’m going to record my vocals directly into audacity through my usb mic whilst on a skype call to my ‘guest’, on my mobile phone with my headphones/handsfree connected, and recording the call in the Skype app.

I want to be able to remove my vocals from the saved Skype file (which has both my voice and that of my guest recorded) so I have 2 tracks -one of my voice, one of the guests voice.

I’ve had a play around, but cant figure anything out… help! Please.

  1. Ensure that your guest knows that you are recording.
  2. Warn your guest that you will clap to create synchronisation markers at the start and end of the conversation (or periodically if it is a very long call).
  3. Clap once at the start of the call so that it is recorded in both your Audacity recording and the Skype recording. This is so that you can precisely align the two recordings for editing.
  4. Record your interview.
  5. Clap once at the end of the call so that it is recorded in both recordings. This is so that you can compensate for any “drift” (speed difference) between the two recordings.

When your recordings are complete:

  1. Export a backup copy of your Audacity recording as a WAV file.
  2. Make a backup copy of the Skype recording.
  3. Create a new Audacity project with the Skype recording as the first track, and the Audacity recording as the second track.
  4. Align the two tracks so the they align precisely at both “clap” marks (if necessary, use the “Change Speed” effect so that both the start and end clap marks can be aligned - ask for details if you need to do this).
  5. Select the first (Skype) track
  6. Apply the “Auto Duck” effect, with short “fade lengths” and “duck amount” set to -24 dB (as low as possible). This will reduce your voice in the Skype track.
  7. “Ctrl + R” to repeat last effect. This will reduce your voice further. Two or three times should be sufficient.

Zoom claims to be able to deliver a split sound file. You and The Others.