Separated Track Bleedover

When I record a song and pan it full right with a click track panned full left the click track is still audible (although quietly) on the right track. Can this be remedied?

The problem may be in your hardware.
To test, try this:

  1. Generate a tone, Click Track or any other mono track.
  2. Click on the track name and from the drop-down menu set the track to either “Left Channel” or “Right Channel”.
  3. Play the track

If you are getting any bleedover at all, it can not be from within Audacity because there is only one audio channel active. Any bleedover present may be through the sound card, amplifier, headphones, speakers or other parts of the playback system.

I had this on a test Windows machine and it turned out one of the other engineers had left Windows “concert hall effects” running.


Thanks guys, it is in my software…

I’m still getting bleedover, my computer uses a Realtek High Definition Audio device. Is there another audio device or sound card I can use to remedy this problem?

Check here first you are not making any obvious mistakes like recording from stereo mix or not using headphones .

What is the make and model number of the mic and exactly how is it connected to the computer?


People who like robust, loud music also have the problem that the headphone sound is leaking either through their head (Eustachian Tubes) or past their ears. Check out the size of the headphones …

Normally those two pathways aren’t significant, but if you crank it up…


You are using headphones, right? I don’t remember you actually saying those words.

Yes, I’m using headphones and am recording direct from the computer from various sources (you tube, Karaoke, various backing track sites, Vevo, etc.) and am experiencing the same problem each time. I’m a musician and am familiar with all types of equipment, something here isn’t working and I’m trying to figure out if it’s audacity or my computer. When I pan a click track all the way to the left it is still audible on the right…help! Thanks, guys…

It might be good to know if it happens both directions. This short sound clip is a Left-Right test. The voice is hard-panned and there is no leakage.


Thanks, Kozco - I can still hear the voice faintly on the opposite side. This not only happens on my computer but on my MP3 player and also throught my PA system. So when I play back the Audacity file and/or convert to MP3, I still have the same problem. I’m thinking it must be either Realtek or Windows Media Player - my computer is brand new with Windows 7, I can’t understand why this is happening. What I’m trying to accomplish is sending the click track to my in-ear monitor and the music track to the audience, but the click can still be heard faintly by the audience. I’ve done this with MIDI sequencing for years, but recording tracks from and removing most of the instrumentation and vocals is easier, more convenient and sounds more like the original song. (a lot of the sequences sound cheesy, even after hours of “doctoring” them). I’m afraid to pay for Garage Band or Pro Tools and still have the same problem. Besides, Audacity has all the features I need, I’m not producing commercial recordings or anything like that. But even when I generate a click track and record nothing else, it bleeds over even though it’s fully panned and set to left or right, no matter which headphones or speakers or playback system I am using. What soundcard and/or media player are you using or could recommend? Thanks again, your help is invaluable…

VLC Player has pulled my bacon out of the fire multiple times. Highly recommended. I’m on a Mac, so I have all the QuickTime libraries behind me and I have a license of Flip For Mac which lets me play Windows material.

You can download free QuickTime for Windows and you’d be covered, too.

I can’t even begin to understand how you would get track bleed-over like that. As I said earlier, I tried to use a Windows machine and one of the other engineers left "Concert Hall’ special effects running by accident. I had a lot of the symptoms you do.

“I’m not putting any sound on the right channel!! Where the frog is it coming from…?”

Sound familiar?

I was completely crazy when I made that sound file, so it’s perfectly accurate. I even discovered a problem with Audacity sound meter design while I was doing it.


I’m afraid to pay for Garage Band or Pro Tools and still have the same problem.

We all use similar sound pathways. If you can’t get simple Audacity to work, that’s a very bad sign.

I’m having very similar issue as the person that posted back in 2012. I’ve downloaded some custom tracks from Karaoke Version and before downloading the custom track I hard panned the click track to the left and all the instruments to the right. I’m using a windows 10 OS laptop and the earphones output then connecting to my sound board. the cable is connected to a stereo splitter adapter and that is then connected to a stereo channel on the board. even if I unplug one no matter what both play the click track. Is there another interface device or specific type of cable that must be used between the laptop’s signal output and the board?

I’ve even tried using Audacity’s “split Stereo” feature but that doesn’t seem to help. Any suggestions are welcome.