separate songs in recording file

this is my first post so please bare with me. so i am recording a album of 10 songs let’s say from spodify, now can i record these to a folder I’ve set up for these songs so they are not in one long file and they are separated from each other without me standing by the computer for each song. in other words i want to rip these songs so they come out as individual files. i hope i have made this clear thanks. ron

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i should have stated that i use version 2,0.5 and have win. xp. ron

See here for how to split a long recording into separate files:

in response to my question on separating tracks to a file…can this be done without going to each recorded song and manually putting in a label or any other kind of manual operation? what i would like to do is export all my songs I’ve recorded at one time to a new folder with a different file for each song so i have let’s say 10 different tracks on my created cd. is this possible. i want to do this by just doing an export of all my recorded songs on audacity to a folder and walk away and come back having it all be done. thanks ron

If you’re asking for fully automatic track splitting - that’s a feature request, not something Audacity can do yet.

If you know the song set lasts 50 minutes or whatever, you can use Transport > Timer Record… to start and stop the recording at the appropriate time.

When you come back to the computer you can try Analyze > Silence Finder to place the labels for you, based on detected silences between the songs. Then File > Export Multiple.

If Spotify has jingles or other noise between the songs with no silence in-between, then Silence Finder won’t help.