separate/filter out certain voices


I recently started using Audacity to record audio of some instructional webinars. In one of my recordings some how the builtin laptop microphone was recorded along with the desired system audio and external microphone. Unfortunately, there were a couple of bozo’s sitting close to the laptop and anytime they would chatter to each other it was picked up by the internal mic and recorded as part of the webinar. I really need to somehow filter their voices out of the recording in order to have the recording be of any use to me. I’m not very knowledgeable in audio editing, so I need some specific instructions on how to accomplish this. Of course this isn’t something that I can just rerecord so that isn’t a viable solution. If somebody more skilled than I is willing to actually perform this task I would be extremely grateful.


And we’d love to help you, but that’s one of the reliable, time-tested ways to kill a show. You can’t split off individual instruments from a mixed orchestra and you can’t split off individual voices from a performance.