Sending recordings via email

Very new to Audacity and not very tech savvy. I have a hp laptop with built-in mic. I just wanted to record music from the internet and sing to it (karaoke style). No CD, just record and save on the computer. If I’m able to do so, then my question is: Is it possible to send a copy of that recording to someone else’s email.

There are attachment size limits of about 10MB, depending on the email service so you should be able to send one or two “typical” MP3 songs per email.

When you get the recording edited and finished, File > Export it as an MP3 file. Don’t use any punctuation marks other than -dash- and underscore in the file name.

Include the MP3 file as an email attachment to your text message. The message can say something like, “Here’s the latest duet - see attached.”

My email can send up to 25MB of attachments.


Thank you both :slight_smile: