Sending Audacity files to my radio station for airplay

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I have the proverbial simple question:

After a break of about two years, I am again (trying) to send files of my radio program to my radio station for airplay (as opposed to doing the show live from the studio). This is something I did regularly and with ease during the pandemic, when they sent us all to work from home.

This time, however, after creating the file in WAV format without any difficulty, I found I could not listen to it before attempting to send, my usual “quality control” move before forwarding it to the station. Instead of opening up the player, Windows Media Player, the message I get only says “server execution failed.” I have tried this several times now, by way of experiment, if nothing else, and this hasn’t changed. Mind you, this is after the previous steps, including collapsing the various tracks down in one file, have been successfully concluded. I am still running 2.4.2, which is all I need for what I do here. But what am I doing incorrectly this time?

What happens if you open Windows Media Player first, and then open the WAV from there?

You can also check your Windows File Associations.


It seems to work. Damned if I know how or why (I had to shut off the machine altogether and then start if all up again; it seemed that WMP had shut itself down altogether, such that it was unresponsive, to this file and to the hundreds of discs I had loaded up to it over the years. Who knew?

Thanks for your prompt – and apparently spot on – advice. I should always remember: when it doubt, turn it off, wait 10 seconds or so, then turn it on again!

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