Selection tool increments - ENTIRE second

Hi, I’m new here. Been using Audacity for years.
Just forced to change over to Windows 11, which updated my Audacity.
I’ve been searching here for an answer and haven’t seen this addressed…

I’m used to reducing the odd ‘clipping’ points on a recording by using negative “amplify”… I’d target my peak point, magnify the wav, use my cursor to highlight JUST the peak and de-amplify it a bit.
However, with the new versions, I find that the selection tool will ONLY target one full second at a time. This is way unacceptable!

I’ve seen the new ‘target’ tool replacement, but my version does not have it. The screens aren’t rounded at the edge.
Still square and will not catch and drag. I CAN move my file back and forth, but cannot target any area less than a full second.
Maybe it’s Windows 11?

Anyone else?

You have accidentally enabled snapping to seconds.
Look near the bottom of the main Audacity window and set “Snap To” to “Off”.
More information:

Thank you, Steve!!!

I feel so dumb… however, it happened as I updated to Windows 11 and new Audacity…

Thanks again!