Selection too (F1) has disappeared!

Hello, Never used a forum before so apologies for all the mistakes and non-computer language. I started using Audacity and I swear there was a selection tool curser that appeared and hovered over the waveform as I edited it. Now it is almost invisible. There is a grab hand that appears either side of the line so I can change/select some wave bit to edit . Also the mouse changes to an arrow on other parts of the screen. When I view Audacity videos the curser is right there happily being dragged about all over the sound wave but not on my screen. I have even deleted Audacity and re-downloaded it but the curser is still missing when hovered over the sound wave. Has anyone else had/is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone know how to bring back my curser? :question:

This isn’t a known issue.

Which exact three-section version of Audacity are you using (look in: “Help menu > About Audacity”).
Which Audacity “theme” are you using?

Do you see an “i-beam” cursor in other applications (such as when over normal text in your web browser)?
Have you tried clicking on the “Selection Tool” button? (

Hi I had the same issue that audacity upgrade to the 3.1 version didn’t explain. The hand grabber still exists, along the top ribbon of the track.
On top of each track is the name of the track. That is where you click down and the hand grabber appears to move the section. Hope that helps.

Probably not relevant as the original post is dated Feb 06, 2018 (before Audacity 3.0)