selection invert

windows, 2.0.5, exe

is there a way to invert your selection?
i checked the selection option under edit, but i couldn’t see that option

also can i select multiple regions?

so the audio looks like

[selected]-[not selected]-[selected]

You want to select everything that didn’t used to be selected?

You can cheat with the time windows at the bottom of the frame. You can put time numbers in there and selection turns into a bookkeeping exercise.


You can only select one region at a time, though the region may extend over multiple tracks (if you have several tracks one above the other).

There are a few operations that can be applied to multiple regions at the same time, where the regions are marked with “labels”. See:

No, but there are other ways to produce a similar effect.

If you press Ctrl+i, the selected audio will be “split” so that it is a separate audio clip. From one selection in the middle of a track, this will then give you three audio clips - the selected part, the part before the selection and the part after the selection. Any of three parts can then be selected by double clicking on the waveform.
To remove a “split line”, either click on it, or to remove multiple split lines at once, select the full audio track and press Ctrl+J to “join” the clips.
See here for more information:

Depending on what you are doing, labels can be useful for marking parts of the recording:

If the workarounds for those are not adequate, you can ask for a “vote” for those to be recorded.

If you want to vote for multiple regions, would you want to be able to select multiple non-adjacent region labels (for example, you have 12 labels and you want to select labels 3 and 5)?