Selection Format: ss+ms

I often want to measure a period in seconds, not minutes or hours.
It makes calculations easier.
For instance, the “Change tempo” effect uses seconds.

But I need the exact time, to the ms.
The selection toolbar only gives “seconds”, integers.
I want “seconds + milliseconds”.
Now to find that I have to first use “seconds” then switch to "hh:mm:ss + milliseconds " to work out the exact time.
Or do a lot of multiplying by 60 and 3600 and additions on a scrap of paper.

Click the down arrow on any of the time selectors at the bottom of the main window and it will give you time in just about anything.

NTSC Drop Frames, anyone?


I have the same desire for similar reasons so I have added a few extra time selection formats:
I’m pretty sure I posted the code for this here in this section of the forum a few months ago.