Selecting within a track

When I try to select a passage within a track (for copying, deleting, processing, etc…), this becomes only possible in intervals of half-seconds. When I hold the left mouse button and move the mouse, the cursor assumes the form of a hand until there is such a fixed interval, only then it becomes the “I” like one.

This makes it impossible to perform fine-tuning tasks like aligning and micro-micro-editing several versions of the same recording in sync. Here, milliseconds matter, and small differences may change phase properties, so sync is not just sync. Also, some tasks concerning removal or modification of popping cannot be done. Etc, etc. Presently I’m forced away from Audacity to Wave Pad to have such things done.

Is there REALLY no way to get around this?? I tried already perusing the help functions, inclusive this forum.

Heve you the Snap box ticked ( and set to Seconds ) at the bottom of the screen… If so un-tick it.
In Audacity you should be able to edit down to individual samples.

YEAH! Thanks a lot!!

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