Selecting the whole of an individual track

Ok, so I am trying to select an entire track, so I can copy and paste.

According to the Audacity manual here:
and here:
I click in the Select button in the Track Control Panel to the left of a track to select “The whole of an individual track”.

OK, here is how I create my track:

  1. New Audacity Project
  2. Tracks > Add New > Mono Track
  3. Swipe it track between 4 and 5 seconds
  4. Generate > Tone > Sine

Now I click the select button and do Ctrl-C to copy what is selected which should be the entire track.
But when I paste it (Ctrl-V) underneath the first track, it copies only the audio portion, not the whole track. Am I misunderstanding something? Is it possible to do this?

What gives? Ctrl-D seems to work OK. This happens in 2.4.2 and in 3.0.3.

When selecting a track, the “start of the track” is taken to be the start of the first audio clip within the track.
If you want to include any leading "empty space:

  1. Click the “Select” button
  2. “Shift + Home”

The “Home” button moves the cursor to the beginning of the project.
“Shift +Home” extends the current selection to the start of the project.
The “start of the project” is taken to be time = 0.

Thanks, Steve. :smiley: This is different than what the documentation would have you believe. :nerd: