Selecting the same length of time in different tracks

I’ve looked for various ways to do this, including searching this forum. I apologize if this is answered or obvious.

I have multiple spoken tracks for a podcast. A common chore is to fix people speaking over one another by selecting Track 1 and cutting or inserting a spacer, and then going to the remaining tracks and performing a similar operation elsewhere so that the times still line up.

What makes this such a chore is trying to get the exact timing correct. If I need to, I can type a number into the selection input, but what I’d really like to do is just restore the same length of selection at my cursor position on a separate track.

For example, if I have selected 0.659 seconds in Track 1, I want to move to a different position in Track 2 and then restore a 0.659 second selection, preferable by not having to type that number anywhere.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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So one way to do this is by creating a region label. By way of example, say you want to delete a .659 section in track 1 and in a different place in track 2.

To do this, Select the .659 section in track 1, Ctrl+B to create a region label. Reselect .659 section in track 1 using the yellow guide lines that appear when you hover over the ends of the region label, and delete. Then move the region label anywhere you want by grabbing the center bar. Select an area in track 2 of the same size (remember the yellow guide lines) and delete. Both tracks should now end in exactly the same place.

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