Selecting edit points

I am new to audacity, so pls bear with me. (I have Windows 7 and Audacity 2.0.5)

With an MP3 file, is it possible to select 2 edit points with the mouse, and delete what it in between them? If so, how do U do it?
So far all I know is that you can select the start of the edit and have to drag to the end point. I don’t see how you can accurately select the end point of the edit by dragging.


Click on the waveform at the beginning of the piece that you want to delete and hold the (left) mouse button down while you drag to the right. When you get to the end of the part that you want to delete, release the mouse button.
More information about selecting audio can be found in this part of the manual:

I need to know if U can do it without dragging…I want to select the start and end point without dragging the mouse

Also note that Audacity does not directly edit the MP3 file. Audacity “imports” (reads the audio data from) the MP3 file. The waveform that you see in the Audacity track is a copy of the decoded MP3 file.

When you have finished editing you will need to “Export” (from the File menu) to create a new audio file from the Audacity project. See the section “Understanding Audacity” in the manual:

Please read the link that I posted. Here it is again: Audacity Manual

I read the link you sent…thanks.
Can I cut a section by entering the exact start/finish time of the edit I want? If so, how? I tried entering the start and finish time at the bottom of the screen and clicking on the cut icon and nothing happened.

You can add two labels, one at the start of the cut and one at the end. Dragging now is easier and more accurate as the drag snaps to the label and the colour of the line changes when you are directly over the label. To find how to add labels read the help section on ‘labels’. The labels can be erased afetr the job is done.