Selecting 5 seconds or more

Hello! I have a question regarding audio tracks. I’m listening to police radio scanners and when I import the audio in audacity I’d like to select 5 or more seconds of transmissions, something like using CTRL+F function in MS WORD where it highlight me the text. Is it possible to select 5 or more seconds of transmissions in audacity something similar to MS Word?

Zoom-in so you can see a bit more than the 5 seconds. Then click & drag to select. After selecting you can move the end-points by clicking & dragging.

Once you select the section of audio …

You can copy & paste the section like a word-processor, (“Ctrl”+“C”, “Ctrl”+“V”).

That can be illegal, depending on your location.

Oh, I didn’t explain it right. Sorry guys.

I know how to make a selection in audio track, what I meant by selecting was when you have a track, let’s say 60 minutes and you have silence gaps every 10 seconds, then conversation starts. Now, conversations is long from 2 seconds up to 15s. I’d like if it is possible from audacity to automatically select all conversations that are 15 or more seconds long.

Audacity can find the silences and label them … Silence Finder - Setting Parameters - Audacity Manual

That would split up your recording into many tracks which you could export (multiple) into a folder.
Then sort those many files in the folder according to size, biggest will be the longest.
That will sort the long from the short sections of audio, but you will lose chronological order.

I think it would be possible using Nyquist code to remove labelled sections shorter than a given interval,
(preserving chronology), but that’s over my head. [ Steve is the man for that job ]

[ BTW Audacity cannot identify “conversation” : it’s just splitting the audio into intervals separated by silence ].