select the multiple tracks in 1 second

Hello ! First of all, thank you so much for reading and kind help in advance

I am now doing an audio mixing and there are so many bgm and sound effects . Accordingly, there are so many tracks in audacity file(at least 40 tracks i think)

I want to know how to select the specific area for all tracks in a swift way

The way I am doing now is,

  1. select the specific area in one track(for example , select 0:45~0:50 at the top track)
  2. enter the shift and down in the keyboard until the selected area(bracket) reaches to the last(bottom) track

But in this way, it is very time consuming even it takes just few seconds(I have to do this job very often so i want to know the shortcut). Is there any way to select specific area across all tracks in a soonest way ?


Audio (and video) editing & mixing is time consuming (unless you’re mixing live in real-time :stuck_out_tongue:). Even with a simple production (like an audiobook) you’ll have to listen-through the whole thing before editing, then edit, then listen-through again to the final production. It wouldn’t be unusual to spend 3-5 hours on a 1-hour show. And of course it can take longer…

Maybe unrelated… But if you’re mixing 40 tracks you might be better off with a [u]DAW[/u] (Digital Audio Workstation application). They are designed from the ground-up for multitrack recording and mixing. You’ll get a master level control, meters for ever track, and better automation. There’s a much bigger learning curve but for certain things it could be easier/better overall.

I suppose you could create a macro with 40 occurrences of “Move Focus to Next and Select”, which is what Shift-Down does. Then assign the Shift-Down keystroke to Apply your macro.

  1. Make the selection in any one of the tracks
  2. “Select menu > Tracks > In all tracks”

Thank you so much for the kind advice to all who left a comment ! It was super helpful. And especially Mr Seve thank you ! There was a shortcut key ctrl shift k !!! Perfect!