Select one track

System is windows 10 pro, Audacity is 2.2.1 portable version.

How to select one track (out of two) for editing.
Control+click on the left panel did nothing, still both tracks are selected.
Answers will be appreciated.

If you mean this:
then you should really ask here:
(Portable Apps distribute a modified version of Audacity, and we have no idea what modifications they make. While they are entitled to modify Audacity under the terms of the Audacity license, in doing so they are taking on responsibility for providing user support).

In the genuine Audacity 2.2.1 (from:

  • A single left click on the “info” panel on the left end of the track will select the track (though you need to be careful not to catch the sliders or buttons when you click).
  • Alternatively, if the track contains just one continuous audio clip, you can double click on the waveform (with the left mouse button).
  • A third way is to make any selection in the required track, then “J” key followed by “Shift + K”
  • To change which tracks are selected, use the up/down keys to move focus to the required track (indicated by the yellow track border), then toggle the selection on/off with the “Enter” key.

See also:


As one of the developers of the PortableApps package, I can speak to those “modifications” - there are no modifications to Audacity’s program files, rather the user config files are redirected to be saved alongside the program files, with paths updated where applicable.
Functionally, there is no difference between the package as downloaded from and that at, from a user’s point of view, other than that the settings are saved between computers with the latter.

Thanks for the answers.
Have tried the methods described above on both versions, portable and installed, sorry, it did not work.
So after some experiments I found this: Clicked on the black triangle at the upper side of the “info” panel,
and on the sub-menu selected “split stereo track”, then the tracks are separated and can edit one track or the other.
When done, again click on the Upper triangle, select “Make stereo track” and they are again together.
Thanks again.