Select last second of audio

Is there a keyboard shortcut or a Macro that can select the last 1 second of audio on a track?

currently, i’m doing the “END, SHIFT, LEFT_ARROW, LEFT_ARROW, LEFT_ARROW” method.

But this is dependent on the VIEW settings of Audacity.

Some discussion here from 2012


There’s a couple of ways you can do this. You can shorten your keystrokes by one and use K key, Comma key, then Shift+ End. That will move the curser to the end of the track, skip back one second exactly, and then make a selection from current selection (1 second from the end) to the end.

You could also set a macro to do this, but unfortunately I don’t know how to export a macro so you can do it easily.

Just make a new one, and have the following chain. Cursor to Track End → Cursor Short Jump Left → Selection to end. This should work at any zoom level because the short jump command is always one second and not based on pixels like the other cursor commands.

I actually need to select about 200 milliseconds exactly (from the end)
Maybe 250ms…

I guess i will need a macro for this…

Well, there’s another slow way to do this at the exact millisecond you want. Go to the end of the track, and look at the Audacity Selection Toolbar - it should be located at the bottom of the screen by default.

In one of the boxes you can select ‘Length and End of Selection’. Just put your curser at the end and you can type in the exact MS you want selected. 200 exactly, or maybe 250.

If there is only one track in the project, you need just 1 command in a Macro:

Select:RelativeTo="ProjectEnd" Start="1"

If you need this to work in projects with multiple tracks, you could select the relevant track by clicking the “Select” button (Audio Tracks - Audacity Manual), then use a macro with this command:

Select:RelativeTo="SelectionEnd" Start="1"

In both cases, the “1” refers to 1 second. For 250 ms, you would change that to “0.250”.

Your looking to just grab the last second from the audio? Can you just copy it? and than paste it or whatever you need to do with that one second?

Why not just zoom in, and copy it then?

its for a macro