select items in loop selection

this would be handy when creating beats and other loop oriented music in audacity

Perhaps you could describe what you mean.

to select only the audio within the loop selection. this can be done by dragging and selecting, but takes a bit of precision. to simply have a keystroke to select only the audio within the selected loop region. then one can go on to duplicate this selection.

i meant “repeat this selection”

Do you not get the yellow “Snap guides”? (See: Boundary Snap Guides - Audacity Manual)
Which version of Audacity are you using?

yes, snap guide works nicely with fewer tracks, but when track count increases it does not work as well. to select all the audio from top to bottom within the loop region is not so easy with increased track count.

In what way does it “not work as well”? Are you seeing a bug?

i dont think there is a bug. but a keystroke to select only the audio inside the loop selection from top to bottom would be great when doing loop based things. it would be alot faster than how it works right now.

To be as clear as possible about your suggestion:

  • You would like a button which sets the selection to the loop region?
  • Would a keyboard shortcut be adequate?
  • Currently there is an option in the Timeline right-click context menu: “Set loop to selection”. Would it be adequate to have an additional option: “Set selection to loop”?
  • Would it be adequate to have the option in the Timeline right-click context menu if a keyboard shortcut can be assigned to it?

yes, set selection to content inside loop region. (hope that makes sense)

the possibility to create a keyboard shortcut would be adequate

there is currently a ‘Set Loop to Selection’ button, but this is recommending a ‘Set Selection to Loop’ feature.

the GUI alternative is to use the yellow Snap Guides, as @steve mentions, by simply dragging from the beginning yellow mark to the end yellow mark of the loop. but it would definitely be convenient to have a dedicated option in the menu for this, because when there are many clips involved, snapping can impede making the right selection (especially if there are multiple clips beginning/ending near the yellow snap guides).

was this implemented?