Select > Invert

Maybe I’m missing something, but selecting what I want remaining is way too complicated.

Drag Select my desired clip from something larger. Edit > Select > Invert. Del.


That’s essentially
Edit->Remove Special->Trim Audio
Isn’t it?

However, you have also to align the start with zero to emulate the true delete behaviour.

Inverting the selection will certainly become important when multiple selections will be introduced.

Yes, and there’s a button for it in the Edit Toolbar.
The shortcut is Cmd-T (or Ctrl-T for non-Mac users)
– Bill

I bet that showed up in 2.0.6.


I see it in 1.3.3.

– Bill

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 18.15.27.png

The Trim Audio menu item has moved around. In 1.3.3 it was at the root level of the Edit menu. In 2.0.5 it was in the “Remove Audio or Labels” sub-menu. In 2.0.6 it is under the “Remove Special” sub-menu. It has always had the shortcut Cmd-T.
But as far as I know the “Trim Audio” button has been in the same place in the Edit Toolbar since at least 1.3.3.
– Bill