Select audio between two labels

Audacity 2.4.2 on Windows 10

Is there a convenient way to select the audio between two labels, assuming they are labels with the same start and end? So for example I put a label where I want to start deleting audio with ctrl-B, then put a label where I want to end deleting with ctrl-B. How do I select the audio between those two labels?

If I double click between the two locations in the label track, it selects everything from the start of the entire track to the end label rather than the next closest label. I need to manually guide the selection, which even with the snap guidelines is a little less pleasant than having a command which automatically selects between the two.

Another possibility is to make the entire portion I want to delete a single label. Then clicking on the label itself highlights the audio in question. Is there a good way to merge two labels into one label with different starts and ends?


I think I answered that here:

In case we’re making this more complicated than it needs to be. Labels are sticky/magnetic. Click in the audio over one label and drag to the next one. They turn colors when you get the aiming right. It selects everything you dragged.


You did, thank you! I was hoping that perhaps there had been an new shortcut for this part of the answer:

mcsilver wrote:
is it possible to define two separate labels and then somehow quickly select exactly all of the track between them?

There is no keyboard shortcut for that.

The behavior when clicking on the label track in between two labels is a little strange, since it seems to highlight from the beginning to the label on the right of the cursor. Highlighting between the two labels would be a big improvement. If that might throw off other peoples’ workflows, perhaps ctrl-click or shift-click could have that behavior.

clicking on the label track in between two labels is a little strange

Right. That’s why you click on the sound above the labels, if that’s the eventual goal.


Clicking on the audio above the labels means you need to drag. The yellow guidelines are useful, to be sure. I was thinking some shortcut for grabbing exactly the audio between two labels would be even more convenient, though.

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Why not make a feature request out of this:

If you have two adjacent point labels, then to select the audio between them, you could select the first label to position the cursor at that point, and then apply a macro consisting of these three commands:
store cursor position
move to next label
select cursor to stored

You could create a shortcut for that macro if required.