seems to be stuck on pause

The program seems to be stuck on pause so that i can’t press play or stop or record or save.

now it’s dumped all my work. it says an unhandled exception has taken place, all my tracks are now blank. still there but nothing.

it gives me an option to retry abort or ignore but won’t let me choose any of the options.

It dumped my work last week like this and i was able to recover it by saving under a different name and then opening the same project under recent files but in this case i can’t save so it is impossible.

is there any way to recover my work?

If you are using a recent version of Audacity, unless something has damaged or erased the data, Audacity can usually recover the project. As you say that Audacity is frozen I don’t think there are any options better than forcing Audacity to quit (to open the Windows Task Manager, Alt + Ctrl + Del, then select “Task Manager”).

I’d suggest that you upgrade to Audacity 2.2.1 before starting Audacity again as the latest version has the best chance of recovering the project. Get it from here:

If you are using a USB audio device, check the leads and ensure that everything is plugged in securely, especially the USB cable (both ends).