Searching inside an audio file


is there a way to search inside an audio file?
The goal would be to make a phonetic search (or even better a text search) inside an audio file. I often have interviews where I want to find again the location where we talked about a specific topic (finding when we talked about a specific topic inside an interview recording is a pain otherwise).

I was wondering if there is audio the possibility to do something similar as Evernote is doing with image search: the image is not translated into text, but for each element is assigned a text probability so that you can search it (cf.

Regards, Chris

Audacity has no Speech to Text tools and no search tools beyond Silent Sense.
We do however have labels. You can strike a key combination and Audacity will put a visible label at that point in the recording. As long as you Save the Project in addition to Exporting a WAV at the end of the interview, the Project labels will be there for you. I think you can put text notes inside the label, as well.


I just noticed recently that YouTube will automatically generate captions for speech in video, for free , and you can download the transcript it has generated. It’s surprisingly accurate, (in my case better than 95%), although I suppose its transcription accuracy will depend on ones accent :slight_smile:

Do you know if there is an existing software able to do that?

I should look at this, that would be create, do you get the get the transcript as text or do you get it added inside a video?
Do you know if there is a Windows software doing this equivalent?

Microsoft Windows comes with speech-recognition ,
but it doesn’t transcribe recordings, but “third party” software does … Redirecting

The YouTube automatic captions are separate from the video, and can be downloaded …