Searching for sound signatures


I need to count the number of times a particular sound is played in very long audio files (eg a weeks worth of radio broadcast). Knowing the times would be great but really I just need to know how many times the sound was played… There may be a bit of background noise but not much and the sound will always be the same. Is this something Audacity can do? And how?


Audacity famously doesn’t do surveillance or forensics very well. Those are your Google search terms.


There may be some clues in this topic:

Sphinx and Pocketsphinx can do that. However, these are not enduser tools and more of a programmer’s toolbox:

There’s also Sound Recognition Lab, from Sejona.

It seems to be free and for Windows (with ActiveX and .net). I came across it while looking for another project from the scientific community that also does sound pattern recognition, albeit for animal sounds, like whales, bats and birds. Can’t find that, atm.

And there’s MARF (Modular Audio Recognition Framework):

It’s a Java app, so should work with Windows, OSX and Linux.

Great, I’ll have a look at those now. Do you foresee the size of the files I’m talking about being a problem for these programs?

Yes i think that is quite likely, especially for the Nyquist code.

What format are the recordings and how long is each recording?