Searching for a new version of my favorite "lost" plugin


Following an update a while back, we lost functionality on a few plugins (not sure if they are all from Steve Harris’ series or not: )

But my favorite/daily use “Dyson Compressor” was the one that hurt the most. It was very trusty for both maximizing rock beats and choral music, and made my process very quick. I tried using LoudMax, but it grew unstable on me, so I am still looking for a compressor that can do what that little plugin did.

I’ve looked up a thread or two about this particular plugin:

I’m using Audacity 3.0.2 on a new M1 Mac Mini, running Big Sur.

Any thoughts?

Since you’re on Mac, you could try out the Audio Unit compressors/limiters.

Go to Effect > Add / Remove Plug-ins. In the list, click on AUDynamicsProcessor, then click the Enable button. Do this for the AUMultibandCompressor and the AUPeakLimiter. Then click the OK button.

Try them out.

Audio Unit effects allow real time preview. Many come with a few factory presets which you can access from the Manage Effect menu (which is described on the Real Time Preview manual page linked above). When you find a setting you like you can save it as a User Preset.

– Bill

Did you double post?

There’s a solution at the end of this message thread.


OK: Chris’ Dynamic Compressor might do the trick. It looks like it’s affecting the waveform in a similar fashion that I remember. If no one hears back from me, it works!



Well, I am writing to say that this plugin is exactly doing the trick–thanks, all.