Searched for an hour and cannot find a way to connect xlr/scarlet solo to MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro recognizes the scarlet solo gen3 and I changed input to scarlet solo. Audacity microphone drop down list was put to scarlet and no sound comes through the mic I plugged into the XLR port on the scarlet solo. The Scarlet is plugged into a HooToo device which connects to the MacBook Pro usb C port and has ports for regular USB.

Any help please?

no sound comes through the mic I plugged into the XLR port on the scarlet solo.

The microphone whose name and model number is?

Ignore Audacity for a minute. Can you get the Solo knob to change color and flash when you talk?

Push Direct Monitor and plug your headphones into the Solo. Can you hear yourself?

You should resolve all that before you start changing settings on the computer.



USB Hubs and Sound/Video don’t get along. Make sure the Solo is the only thing connected to the HooToo.


mxl 770 midnight microphone. The solo functions with the lights.

The hootoo has cables connected to it but nothing on the other end, therefore it’s solo>hootoo>MacBook Pro

I have not attempted headphones yet as I got to pick up the adapter for a 1/4"

Side note: On my desktop

mxl 770 midnight microphone.
Solo is only thing connected, it has other usb attached but nothing attached to them. I’ll try removing them all next time.

Solo knob does change color/flash when I talk into the mic. I am waiting on an adapter to check for headphone so I have not done that yet.

I have also responded to the above post on two methods of trying to get it work but it does not.

Side note: On my desktop I can function properly but I will not hear any sound on my browser/games/etc. I can only hear myself on audacity through the speakers. Like it shuts off all forms of sound other than mic and speakers replaying the recording.

Not sure how I ended up with a double post, I think it’s because first post happened at work and didn’t see it come up so I made the most recent post which is similar. I also cannot seem to be able to edit my post, also forgot to mention that the macbook pro gets these following errors with both attempted methods in the “fix” thread

The method for launch script and automator were followed to the T

→ “Audacity” can’t be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed.
Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the App Store and identified developers. ←

how I ended up with a double post

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Audacity is not fully supported under Mac OS Catalina 10.15.x. There is a method of launching Audacity from the command line (Terminal) that seems to work.

Desktop > Go (top of desktop) > Utilities > Terminal.

On some machines:

Desktop > Go (top of desktop) > Applications > Utilities > Terminal.

You should still proceed with your headphone connections. Like this, right?

My field sound mixer has the same connection problem.


In the US, that would be a 1/4" Male Stereo to 1/8" Female Stereo. Everywhere else, it’s going to be 6.5mm Stereo to 3.5mm Stereo adapter.

Also here, etc.


for my macbook pro: Will try the terminal start up and see how that goes, although with no movement on the blue line the headphones probably would not pick up anything either.

I am waiting for a 3.5 > 6.5 adapter to arrive or I can see if I can borrow one from my cousins house after work.

for my pc: My desktop is a regular PC, although I am assuming I need to plug the LEFT and RIGHT 1/4" ports at the back of the solo. My speaker set up only has one black wire for the sound card at back of PC of 3.5mm so I leave that in there. I disconnect my gaming mic/headset when I plug in the solo to my PC, I can then only hear my mic/voice from audacity but I cannot hear anything else from browser if I want to rehearse a script/performance. I’d also like to use it for gaming as it’s super nice but it doesn’t queue up in any game.

updating: Will using a old Lenovo T520 laptop work with scarlett Solo and the mxl 770 condenser microphone for voice over work on audacity? I did a quick google search and some ppl seem to have issues.

I’d also like to use it for gaming

In that one post you just made this enormously more complicated. Gaming is a special setup, internet sound is a special setup, recording your voice on a newer Mac is a special setup (if it works at all) and podcast production can be a challenge.

Lenovo T520 laptop

And then throw a Windows machine in there with its own set of different problems.

I think I can get you through simple voice recording on the Mac, but those other jobs have special requirements and settings and many of them conflict with Audacity. We can wait for posters with experience in those areas.


I ended up buying the T520 and it had windows 10. Everything works as it’s suppose to except the speakers are really quiet. I just plug in headphones to hear it afterwards and I have a set of speakers with a 3.5mm jack in a box somewhere I can also plug in.