search for one vocoder easy and auto


I am seeking a self vocoder program to adjust my tune I’m sure it exists.
Because on iphone and android can find it self adjusts very rap your voice.

I can’t watch YouTube right now 'cause I’m at work…

I don’t think you are looking for a vocoder… I think you are looking for something like AutoTune, or Melodyne. These are profesional pitch correction tools.

There is a free plug-in called Gsnap and there are others.

If you are looking for a vocoder, I think it’s one of the optional Audacity plug-ins. (There’s one in my Audacity Effect list, so it assume it came with the LADSPA plug-ins.)

The vocoder is shipped with Audacity. It works pretty well, once you’ve got the hang of it.

If you need help using the shipped Audacity Vocoder please see: .

However I agree GSnap is what you need if you are trying to get the T-Pain effect.