Hello, I recently bought a seaboard and I’ve been trying to connect it to this program.
Can someone help me to connect my seaboard to Audacity? I’ll send a foto from the ports on my keyboard.

Im using Audacity 1.2.0
seaboard poorten.jpg

Audacity is an “audio” recorder and only records “audio”. Audacity does not support “soft synths” and does not record “midi”.

How far have you got with your recent Seaboard? Are you able to produce any sound? Where does the sound come from?

I’m not familiar with it, but a quick-search tells me it’s a MID device and Audacity is not a MIDI application.

If it has an analog line-output or headphone-output you can connect to line-in on a soundcard or audio interface and Audacity can record (digitize) the analog audio. (Some keyboards have a USB audio output and that would work too but usually it’s just MIDI.)

Since the seaboard has no amplifiers, I always need to connect it to a computer to produce sound. So when I perform I connect my seaboard with a laptop and the laptop with an amplifier via an aux cable.

So when I perform I connect my seaboard with a laptop and the laptop with an amplifier via an aux cable.

So… What do you want to do with Audacity? Do you want to record the sound?

[u]This page[/u] has information on recording the sound coming out of your soundcard.

It can be tricky but if you have Windows 7 or later the WASAPI Loopback method usually works. There is one thing to watch-out for… If your computer is “working hard” producing sound (or doing other things), the multitasking can sometimes result in “glitches” in your recording.

Yes I want to record sound with it. And how does that method work?

Did you read the link? It depends on your drivers, but as long as you are using your “regular” built-in soundcard/soundchip and as long as you have Windows 7 or later, WASAPI Loopback should work. And if loopback doesn’t work, there are several other options on that page.

While your getting Audacity setup and figured-out, it might be easier if you play something with Windows Media Player (or whatever you use) so you don’t have to mess with your Seaboard while your getting Audacity figured-out. With WASAPI Loopback, make sure to start the playback sound before you hit Record.

Ok! I’ll try, thanks for helping me!