Scrolling (?) to the right or left

I’m using Audacity to digitize my LP collection. I’m unable to insert labels during recording (this seems to be the case for Mac but not Windows), so I have to go back and insert them once it’s done. By that time, there’s about 45 minutes of data. If I zoom out so that I can see even the first half of the recording, the spaces between songs are mighty small and it’s hard to be sure I’m inserting the label in the right place. Is there a way to scroll (if that’s the proper term) to the left or right, thus taking me to a different part of the recording, without changing the time scale by zooming out?

I’m not on Mac, but according to the manual " COMMAND + ." should work: Audacity Manual

Does “Shift + Mouse Wheel” work?
Alternatively, click and drag the scrollbar below the track(s).

Got it, thanks. I discovered the scroll bar about two minutes after I posted the question. Sheesssh.

Re: inserting labels in Record mode - the manual is vague on that. It gives that procedure for Windows but is vague about whether it works on Mac or not. It doesn’t, and I haven’t found another way to do it.

Re: scrolling to the right or left - the scroll bar (once the user finds it) works. Shift + mouse wheel works even better (works more smoothly). Thanks again.

This was the link: Audacity Manual
I’ve highlighted the relevant part.

The Mouse bindings are listed here (they are not configurable though):
Audacity Manual .

I’ve updated all the pages I could find in the Manual where COMMAND + . wasn’t given as the Mac shortcut for “Add Label At Playback Position”. These changes will appear in the Manual for the Audacity 2.0.6 release.