Scroll bar missingin 3.2

I run Xubuntu 22.04 and have audacity version 3.2.0, upgraded from 3.1.3. I did the upgrade because I was prompted to do so the last two times I used 3.1.3. The download was audacity-linux-3.2.0-x64 from the audacity web site. I’m not sure if this was how it came originally when I installed Xubuntu 21.10 or upgraded to 22.04.

In audacity 3.1.3, if the track is longer than the screen width, there was a scroll bar at the bottom of the audacity window. It was tricky to spot due to contrast issues and my eyesight, but there was one.

There does not appear to be a scroll bar in 3.2.0 at all. I haven’t found any reference to itin the commands in the app, or in the online documentation.

Was this discontinued or am I just missing something? It is not that simple to navigate through a recording, for edits or otherwise, without this.

I did find through experimentation (a very low-class absence of documentation) that the navigation keys onthe keyboard can help. This desperately needs good documentation, and the scroll bar would be a welcome return feature.

OMFG - I just started editing a track and there it is, plain as day.

I withdraw the question and complaint.

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.