Scripted application update

Hi all,

I need to automate application updates. As there’s an MSI, installing and uninstalling is straightforward enough, but checking for the application update, that’s the tricky part.

No one on here seems to have posted about this before so I might be the first to ask.

My thoughts are batch files, but batch files might be limited where it comes to checking for a new build.

Can anyone suggest a good route forward for me, please?

Adam. :smiley:

I noticed that you didn’t mention the name of the app that you want to update, but as this is the Audacity forum I’m assuming that you are asking about Audacity.
There isn’t an official Audacity MSI. Official releases for Windows are either the “.EXE” installer (recommended for most users) or the “.ZIP”.

Audacity does not have automatic upgrade on Windows. Upgrading is simply a matter of installing the new version over the top of the old version.

Hi Steve,

Apologies, yes I meant the Audacity application. Is there a way to check for a new exe and script an uninstall/reinstall?


We don’t specifically cater for corporate environments. End users can periodically Check for Updates and decide if they want to update.

If you are determined to automate upgrading, you could track Audacity on GitHub for new releases, then automate building from the source code and pushing to your network. That would be a lot of work. Perhaps easier to just get the latest release once a year.

Thanks, Steve.

Do you have the list of previous release dates so I can get an idea of when it’s updated, please?


Here you go:

Excellent. Thanks, Steve.

Is there a mailing list where releases are announced (for download) or only the website we I need to check?


Releases are announced here on the forum (in the announcements section), on the front page of the website, on facebook and on twitter (links near top right of each forum page). We use facebook and twitter for announcements and little else.

Thanks again, Steve. Much appreciated.

Are there any plans to go to an Enterprise/Corporate solution?


Not at present. The Audacity team is a tiny group of volunteers. Many people assume that Audacity is created by a sizeable company because of it’s widespread use. One of our forum crew (Koz) jokes that our head office is a small caravan in a car park in Lands End. The “joke” is that it’s not far from the truth :wink:

Hah, excellent. I’m heading to Cornwall soon. I’ll pop in and say hi. :laughing:

Thanks, again.