Script for automatic fade in/out at the clip boundaries

Hey there.

I work with full music tracks and split them into 10 seconds clips, sometiems it results into 30 clips per projects.
Sometimes, between the clips, i can hear the click noise that reminds me of the sound when i plug/ unplug my headphones. Needless to say that degrates the quality of the final work.

I figured out that fade in/out effects between the clips fixes the issue, but it takes way too much time to fix the rest of 29 clips.

So the question is: is there a script… or addon… mod… that automatically finds the clip borders and applies fade out at the end of the first clip, and fade in at the start of the second clip to create “seamless” sound?

You could crossfade the clips:
Note that you can repeat an effect using “Ctrl + R”.

You may have a [u]DC offset[/u] and/or try to cut on [u]zero-crossings[/u]. (Sometimes the left & right channels have different zero-crossings so that’s not always possible to do “perfectly”.)

I’ve never made a script or [u]macro[/u] so I don’t know if there’s something you can do to speed-up the process. But in general audio (and video) editing is very time consuming and it usually takes human judgement and human interaction. Hollywood spend weeks editing the sound for a 90 minute movie…

Sadly that method did not work for the exported files, they still have the clipping issue.
Cheers for the headsup tho!

The DC offset did not help for the exported files neither.
When it comes to Zero crossing, it sadly will not work as i need all my 10 seconds clips to be exactly the same length, millisecond to millisecond. It may work for the first clip, but considering that i have to keep the same length the end of the clip and the start of the next clip most likely will not cross at zero.

For someone to be able to help you, I think you will need to be more specific in your description of what you are trying to do.

Yeah sorry about the mess.
Anyway, i found what i wanted in this topic: Macro: How to make a selection relative to labels and slightly modded the code to fit my desires.
Case closed, thanks everyone for the help!

Before I close this thread, it could be helpful for others if you posted your modified script.