Script/batch convert WAVs from 32 to 8 bit?

I have a several hundred audio files that are waves, and 8khz mono, but are 32 bit. I need to convert them for the phone system to the following format:

CCITT mulaw (8bit, 8khz, mono, wav)

I was wondering if Audacity script/batch capability will help me accomplish this quickly?
I ‘think’ the only change it actually has to make is the bit rate from from 32 to 8 bit. I use audacity all the time to make or change to the proper format, but since I have been delivered a lot of files, just wanted to automate that if possible for a quick conversion.

Thank you so much for any help, or any other suggestions that could steer me in the right direction!


Yes Audacity can help.
You need to make a Macro containing the “ExportWAV” command.

Before using the Macro you need to “prime the pump”. The ExportWAV command does not have any parameters - it uses the last used settings, so before running the Macro, manually export a file as 8-bit WAV.

If you need to change the sample rate as well, then you will need to add the “Set Project” command before the “ExportWAV” command. In the “Set Project” settings, ensure that “Rate” checkbox is selected, and the required sample rate.

This is not working for me. The export window is defaulting to Windows 16bit every time it’s invoked, and if I change it to custom, I can export custom, but then the following macro export is executed using the default Windows 16bit anyway.

Which version of Audacity do you have? (look in “Help menu > About Audacity”).

Thanks Steve. I updated to 2.4.2 and it’s working now. Now I have other issues in a new post regarding dialog default buttons.