Screenshot of themes in Windows 7 classic theme

Windows 7 64-bit - Audacity 2.2.0-beta-Sep 1 2017 - .exe-installer

I have takes these screenshots using Windows 7 with classic theme so that someone can see some errors in the colors to fix it.
Like the background color to the left and right of the horizontal scroll bar seem to be to dark or light in some themes.
The drop down boxes seem to always use bright white which does not look good in dark and high contrast themes.
Compare with screenshots on

Some parts of the Audacity interface are themed by the computer Desktop theme rather than by Audacity. I believe that this is due to a design decision in WxWidgets.
The idea of Themes in Audacity is not to override the system Desktop theme, but rather to complement it. So if you have a dark Desktop theme, then you can select a dark theme in Audacity that will compliment the Desktop theme. If on the other hand you chose a theme for Audacity that conflicts with the system Desktop theme, then the result can look very ugly.

It would appear that the “Classic” theme in Audacity works best with your system Desktop theme.

If i use the dark theme for example the background to the left and right of the horizontal scroll bar is dark.
Then if i change to another theme the area remains dark.
But if i switch to another window and back again the color in the area changes to the correct color.

The theme ‘should’ refresh completely when applied, but currently there are still some parts that don’t refresh properly until Audacity is restarted.
There is likely to be a lot of teaks to the themes over the next couple of releases.

I’m not sure where we are logging these types of issue.

Pretty much the same on Mac. The dropdowns have a white background.

Have you tried unchecking “Blend system and Audacity theme” in Interface Preferences?
– Bill

The “Blend system and Audacity theme” only changes the width of drop downs a tiny bit in the device bar.
I guess i depends on the colors in the Windows theme.
Maybe i could play with that and see what happens to test it.

I’ve now checked and it is already logged.