Screenshot Missing

Screenshot missing from Windows in Tools in 3.5 beta.
It was broken in 3.4.x.
If System Display Scale is set to anything other than 100%, the screen capture region is incorrect and useless.
So this means it will not work for 4k displays.

The screenshot tool has been removed, due to the bugs you mentioned and the overall low utility of it. Tools like ShareX, Greenshot or the built-in screenshot tools of modern operating systems do a much better job taking screenshots - including knowing the correct scale of the screen.

This is not a solution.
Some of us have been using this feature for documentation and need repeatable results for individual windows. It was fast and efficient. Snipping tools are free-form and can’t provide this. Others grab the wrong parts of the window and require tedious editing.

It’s not a use case we’re looking to support anymore unfortunately.

Between Audacity’s mod-script-pipe, Extra → Scriptables I → Set Project and Set Track Visuals, which can programmatically set the window size and position as well as track size and zoom level, and imagemagick which can crop an image to pre-determined coordinates, you may be able to get a new workflow going.

The easiest solution would be to go back to a version of Audacity in which the screenshot tool worked. The obvious downside is that some screenshots will not match the current version of Audacity, but not a problem if you’re just wanting screenshots of the waveforms / spectrograms or other features that have not changed yet.