scratchy clicking noises SOMETIMES when recording

Using Audacity 2.0.2. Windows 7 Home Premium, sp1. Recording voice through a logitech webcam on usb. Audio to buffer: 100. Latency correction: -130. My mother is recording her book as an audiobook. Usually the recording sounds fine, but sometimes it is very clicky and scratchy even though no changes have been made to settings. Very frustrating as you can imagine when it sounds like this after a half hour of recording! I’ve included a wav clip of the scratchy sounding recording.

Make sure the webcam is connected to a spare USB port on the computer, not into a USB hub.

Try turning more programs and processes off. Don’t schedule Windows or other updates while recording.

Try a higher “audio to buffer” setting (experiment with 300 or 200 for example).


Firstly, always use a direct USB connection, not via a US hub.
Check what else is running in the background, particularly scheduled services such as updates, mail collection, virus scans and so on.
There are other tips that may help here: