Science - how to see frequency

I am also trying to use Audacity for my science class. I’d like my students to record their voices and experiment with changing the frequency to match character voices from Coraline (the high pitched mice and the low pitched old man upstairs). I can see amplitude, and I figured out how to adjust the frequency, but I was wondering if my students would be able to see frequency. Is this possible?

Thanks for your help!

I’ve split your post from the other topic as it is less confusing if we use separate threads (topics) for separate subjects.

How about the track spectrogram view?
(see here for more info: Audacity Manual and Audacity Manual

For these images, I set the spectrogram preferences (in “Edit > Preferences > Spectrograms”):
Window size = 2048
Minimum frequency = 1
Maximum frequency = 3000
all other settings at default values

The top track is my normal voice, the middle track has been raised by 1 octave (12 semitones) and the third track lowered by 1 octave.